AARS varied publications (free publications addressed to all the AARS members)
and AARS Infos, AARS members publications

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La Lettre

The newsletter,


It contains information about the association's activities,
special sections entitled
Notes de lecture and
Sahara Hints

plus a few brief papers about rock art,

prehistory and chronology

Les Cahiers

is a yearly publication


It contain the talks given at the annual meeting, as well as
other articles by members of the Association,
in a language chosen by the authors
either English, French, German or Italian.


A special issue - Hommage Ó Henri Lhote - includes
articles by some invited non AARS members.

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AARS Infos
The news on rock art sent by email to members of the association
Events, publications, conferences, lectures and other brief information

AARS members publications
Books on rock art and Sahara written by our members



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