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visite du Musée rural des arts populaires de Laduz

La représentation du littoral mauritanien dans la cartographie ancienne, une exposition de Robert Vernet

What is the Association of the Friends of Saharan Rock Art?

The aim of the Association is to contribute to a better knowledge of the existence of a Saharan rock art and to undertake actions to highlight it The priority actions are the diffusion of documents, the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of an attitude relative to the conservation of the sites

Fields dealt with:
Archaeology, Prehistory, Rock Art, Petroglyph, Knowledge of Images, Ethnology,
Geology, Ecology, Environment, Heritage Protection and Highlighting, Saharan travels …

The Association proposes, in particular:
- to bring together amateurs and/or professionals, interested in Saharan petroglyphs in various ways;
- to communicate, through the exchange of information and opinions, within the Association or in publications;
- to publish the "Cahiers" and "Lettres" de l'AARS, concerning events - scientific or other - linked to this aim.

The association of the Friends of Saharan Rock Art is a meeting place for all those with a passion for rock art of Sahara.

The AARS is rich with its members present in several countries : Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland…

Date of foundation of the Association: 1991

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